The woman with the Alabaster box

Updated: Nov 2

Six days before passover, Jesus went to Bethany. A man named Simon- a Pharisee invited Jesus and his disciples for dinner. Simon was previously a leper. He was probably healed by Jesus. Maybe he invited Jesus for dinner because he was grateful that his life was restored.

Lazarus and his sisters where also at Simon’s house. Martha was serving. They seem to be related to Simon in some way. Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters very much. (John 11:15) In the past, Lazarus got very sick and he died. His sisters were very sad and when Jesus visited them, Mary fell at Jesus feet and wept. That day Jesus cried with Mary. I think that the people’s-unbelief made Him even more sad. And although Lazarus was already dead for four days, Jesus raised him from the dead! Now, because of what Jesus did they could all be here together. Many Jews became believers of Jesus when they heard the testimony of Lazarus. Some of the non-believers wanted to kill Lazarus because of the reaction his testimony caused among the Jews.

Jesus and the other guests were sitting at the table. (In those days they were sit-lying on pillows close to the floor.) Mary came from behind to Jesus feet. In her hands she got an alabaster box with a pound of very expensive Nardis ointment in it. She kneeled down and started to cry. Her tears fell on Jesus feet and she started wiping it of with her hair. Then she broke the alabaster box and pour the exquisite ointment onto Jesus feet, still using her hair to wipe His feet. Mary surrendered herself completely to Jesus as her Lord, honouring Him with all she got, holding nothing back! She did not care for others opinions about her actions, all she had in her heart was to worship her King. She prophetically anointed Jesus for His coming funeral- the day when He would die for the whole earth’s redemption. Mary probably took her most valuable possession and offered it to Jesus knowing that He is far more valuable than even that! In a way this was like the communion we as covenant children of God takes to remember what He did for us on the cross. She anointed Jesus feet and when she wiped His feet of with her hair, she has put that same anointing on herself and in doing so partaking of Him just like the body of Christ do. The fragrance filled the whole house. Just like that, the children of God and followers of Jesus, become a sweet fragrance in this world when we stay in Him and His Word abides in us.

This ministered to Jesus and He said she will never be forgotten for the way she honoured and blessed Him. Jesus looked at her and tol