The Giraffes that became a love letter

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Many years ago we visited the Kruger National Park. It is the most beautiful Park in South Africa to visit if you like wild animals and you want to see them in their natural habitat. It is a must-visit! We were living close enough to the park and could visit it often for a day or weekend of peace and quiet in nature.

On this particular day we came across a water hole- the ideal place to visit because there were usually a lot of animals there throughout the day to drink water. That morning there was a variety of the more common animals, like zebras, birds, warthogs, and water turtles to name a few.

But the animals that drew my attention were two giraffes that posed in such a beautiful fashion that I had to take a photo of them.

This became on of my favorite photos and it is a great memory of that wonderful weekend in the Kruger National Park. I kept it in my archives with the intention to one day make a painting of them, but I never did feel the time was right. Until February - the month of love!

I thought to myself : why on earth do I want to paint these giraffes now of all times?! But the more I looked at them the more I knew this is what I want to paint now, they look so loving , I thought , they will fit right in my theme for Valentines day.

February was not such a nice month for us as a family for a few reasons . My brother got very sick and my uncle passed away to name just two reasons. And there were days that I just did not feel like working on any art work. But somehow I managed to keep working on it . I did not finish it in time for Valentines day as I planned but I just kept going.

When I was drawing this beautiful elegant creatures I discovered something amazing! While sketching them out for the painting, right in the middle of the bigger giraffe, I discovered a perfect heart! This may be nothing to you but to me little detail is everything, and God KNOWS me! I was amazed! Then I found another heart on the smaller one. It just put a smile on my face, I can assure you. God really made this specific two giraffes that I chose to photograph that day many years ago with hearts on their bodies! And this was no coincidence that I chose to paint them this specific month when I was battling a lot of things in my life.

To me this was God’s love letter to me when I really needed it! It reminded me that He loves me. This was no coincidence that I felt like I really should paint them now and not at a later stage. I was asking God lately to reveal His love to me because I’ve got revelation that if we can just understand and know how much God loves us and experience it in our own hearts, we will be better at loving other people the way Jesus loves us.

Through this painting God spoke to my heart and revealed His love for me. He impressed it on my heart to write about this whole experience and tell people that He LOVES them! This is not just empty words but it is the truth!

I hope next time you see a giraffe you will think of this story and be reminded that God can even use a giraffe to reveal His love to you!

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