Pretty vintage window paintings commission

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

A while ago I had a visitor in my art studio that was interested in my art. She looked at all my paintings and illustrations. The one that draw her attention was a little painting of a vintage window that I painted a while back.

She liked the idea of a window painting but wanted it in another color. She also wanted it much bigger and ordered 3 of them. After giving me all her preferences and details she left. I used her favorite color - turquoise and her favorite flowers- Daisies and Amarilla's together with the color scheme of her house and created 3 custom paintings for her.

While I worked on them I kept her up to date on my progress. I made sketches to show her what they would look like so that she could make minor changes if she wanted to. She was such a nice person to work for and along with! She knew what she wanted and she also trusted my intuition as an artist to give me enough freedom to create three paintings for her house.

I planned them carefully so that the 3 paintings would form a nice cohesive unit that will look great on her wall. I carefully used the chosen color palette to create a nice set of 3 paintings.

Here is the end result. I used the courier to sent them to their new owner.

This set is now available as prints. You can also order your own custom set and let me design something just for you the way you would like it. If you want custom paintings like this for your own house, or if you are interested in a set of prints from these paintings. you can contact me at: or buy them here .

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