My September Flower

Updated: Nov 2

September is a beautiful month to me! It is Spring where I live(South Africa) and my most favorite season.

Everywhere I look, there is an awakening of new life and fresh growth. Birds are singing, the sky has a fresh vibrancy to it. It reminds me that there is hope, new life, new opportunities, if I just listen and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

September is special to me for another reason. It is the month in which my daughter is born! To watch her grow from a little girl into a beautiful young lady is like watching a flower bloom!

This painting is dedicated to her. She brings a lot of joy into my life daily! We have so much in common. We both like art and a variety of creative things.

She is an awesome artist in her own right . She loves to tell stories. Her peaceful, joyful and compassionate soft personality is like a fresh breeze of spring everyday of the year.

What a privilege that God blessed me with such a beautiful person in my life! With God’s leading and wisdom she grew into a godly young woman who seeks God’s will for her life.