My search for a fulfillment partner in South Africa....

Updated: Nov 1

Making art and loving it is one thing, but trying to sell it is a whole other ball game! In today's world that could be a great challenge. It is not good enough just to be a great artist and love what you do. There is a wide range of extra skills that you're going to need to make it to success.

The focus of this post is not so much going to be on my long journey to just be where I am today but rather on one problem I recently solved that I believe will help me tremendously in the future!

For a long time I was searching for a fulfillment partner in South Africa that could not only make prints on my behalf but also frame them and make other products if I needed them and then, the big one: send them to my customers on my behalf! And the most important thing I was looking for was someone who could do all this and deliver an excellent quality print , frame and more in a highly professional way.

I am so excited to say that I have found that someone! Studio 22 does all that and even more than I was expecting! They are truly professional and their products are high quality that looks exactly like the images I have supplied them with.

Here is two framed prints of my original paintings that I have received last week via the courier: