Let me introduce myself...

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

My name is Sonja Taljaard, I live in Mosselbay, Western Cape, South Africa. I am happily married to my best friend. We have four amazing children that are all great artists themselves.

My journey begins with a desire to live my whole life dedicated to Jesus. I don't want my work to be separated from my spiritual and faith identity in Christ. So therefore my journey as an artist did not begin with my first drawing or painting but on the day I decided that I will no longer think of my art career as a business but rather as a ministry - as a way I can glorify God and a way to make a difference. I am on a journey to discover what that will look like for me- learn to follow not myself and lean not on my own understanding but to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in what He wants me to do.

On my blog I will write about my art and share testimonies and things that I learn from God's Word. I really hope that it will encourage you! I honestly mean it when I say the Word of God is my most favorite book and my absolute anchor in life! The more I read it the more I want to !

My art: I paint with watercolor on cold press paper as well as on my Ipad.

I recently had the privilege to paint a great amount of illustrations for a book that Dr Kent Hovind from drdino.com published in one of his new books for children: Stories with grandpa. I loved the project very much. It is good to know that my art will make a contribution in ministering to children.

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