Learning to live in faith through the Word

This is a collection of testimonies from my own life. I hope by sharing them with you, it will inspire you to start your own journey of faith and to get to know God in a more intimate and loving way. God loves all of us in just the same way. What He does for one of us, He will definitely do for any other person. But there are things to learn about faith that is very important in order for faith to work in our lifes. We desperately need the Word of God in our lifes for without the Word faith will not come.

A few years ago we were renovating our house. There was a lot of work that needed to be done. For some of those work we hired people to do it for us but to safe money we did a lot of the work ourselves. One particular morning we were painting some of the walls inside the house. We just recently got a new ladder and I did not understand properly how to set it up. My then much younger son tried to help with that and when it seemed to be sturdy I climbed on to it to paint the wall near the roof. Suddenly the ladder collapsed underneath me and I landed with a hard knock on the ground. I tumbled forward and my legs hit the hard ladder as I came down. Pain rushed through my legs, it was incredibly intense everywhere I made contact with the hard ladder. To make thing worse my daughter also landed on me in the process. Luckily she wasn’t hurt too bad. I could barely talk , I was in so much pain. I deliberately did not say anything negative and tried to stay calm. My son helped me to get up from the floor. The moment I was up from the floor I started to speak to my body. I prayed over myself, declaring I am healed in Jesus Name. I immediately started to feel the pain and shock go away. All that was left of that terrible accident was a few minor bruises which healed quickly.

On another occasion I had a similar experience that involved my mom. One morning I arrived at her home. The plan that day was that I would take her to the shop to buy a few things. We had just lost my dad and she was not feeling up to it that morning to go on her own. When I arrived there my brothers son informed me that she just had a bad accident. She was trying to do a few things outside the house when she fell down really hard. He was still in shock, saying she is hurt really bad. They had a gate that had to be unlocked before I could go in and see if she was okay. He was in so much shock that he had difficulty opening the gate.

I started praying in my spirit and tried to stay calm. At that moment my mom came around the corner of the house. I could see that she is in shock and in a lot of pain. I started declaring the Word over her and commanded her body to be healed. I was so mad at the mere fact that she had to go through this too after all that happened to her that I almost roared over her. She immediately stopped in her tracts and just stood their looking at me. And right in front of my eyes she was healed. She didn’t even limped further.

This is why we need to keep the armour of God on at all times, so that when trouble comes we can turn it around and keep living in victory. I saw that day how important it is to be in the Word and stay there. The Word shields us from attacks, we just need to know how to live through the Word.

A few months after this incident with my mom, she fell again one morning. This time I was not as focused in the Word as I should be and when she phoned to let me know she needs help because she fell again, I responded in unbelief. I responded from my emotions and not from my spirit. Feeling sorry for her did not heal her or helped her in any way. She also did not understood these things, but relied on me for help and I didn’t handle the situation in faith. Because of my unbelief and her lack of knowledge, she did not got healed the second time. I learned a great lesson from this. We should not let our emotions guide us but we should be led by the Holy Spirit and in faith through the Word of God. A year later my dear mom passed away too. It was one of the most difficult things I ever had to overcome in my life. But I found peace in God’s Word and from the Holy Spirit comforting me.

While living in Heidelberg I often got really terrible headaches. It had a tendency to happen at night while I was sleeping. And it got so bad that I had to walk up and down in the house because my head was so sensitive that I if anything made contact with it , it was unbearably painful. My dear husband usually would walk up and down with me, praying for me to be healed. Sometimes my oldest son would join in and pray along. Many times I got better while they prayed for me. But one night it got far worse. I woke up, again with a terrible headache. I started the drill of walking up and down. My husband also woke up and join me. Suddenly I started to feel nauseous and ask him to bring a bucket. I sat down feeling really horrible. It felt like something was sucking the life out of me, I could barely breath, but I managed to say: Jesus help me! Then I fell forward and hit the floor with a bang. My husband was standing next to me praying all the time when he suddenly heard me hitting the floor. He later told me that I was just laying there, very quietly, not moving at all. He said that fear tried to overcame him but he refused to allow it and kept on praying in tongues. After a while I started moving and he helped me up from the floor.

I don’t remember hitting the floor or anything like that. The last thing I could remember was that I called out to God for help and that my husband was earnestly praying next to me. The next moment I was surrounded by glorious light! There were angels surrounding me and they were singing to me with the most glorious voices. I felt amazing peace. Then I got aware of a cold feeling. I then realised the cold feeling is on my forehead. It was then for the first time that I got aware that I was laying on the ground. I was confused, asking: what am I doing on the floor? I did not felt my body at all, neither any pain. Then my husband tried to pick me up. It was only then that I started to feel my body.

My knees and head where aching. I had a big bump on my forehead. But I still felt the peace and remembered the voices and saw the angels in my memory. I still don’t know if I just got unconscious or if I was actually dead. But I know for sure that I had a near death experience. This was not the first time. It happened to me once before when I was only 14 and had eye surgery. Something went wrong and I died on the operation table. I was looking down on myself and saw the nurses and doctors working hard to bring me back to life. Then suddenly I was back in my body.

I believe today that God saved my life for a reason. He wants me to tell people how much He loves them. It is not God who let people die or get sick. I am on a journey to illustrate and minister to people how to draw closer to God and get to know Him in as our loving Father. He wants His children to prosper and be healthy and whole, like Him, because we are made in His image.

I pray for whoever reads this post that you will let Jesus into your heart. He is waiting for you with open arms. He has so much to share with you that you have never knew or understood! May you accept Jesus into your heart right now, knowing He has a hopeful and great plan for your life.

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