Learning to live in faith through the Word

Updated: Nov 2

This is a collection of testimonies from my own life. I hope by sharing them with you, it will inspire you to start your own journey of faith and to get to know God in a more intimate and loving way. God loves all of us in just the same way. What He does for one of us, He will definitely do for any other person. But there are things to learn about faith that is very important in order for faith to work in our lifes. We desperately need the Word of God in our lifes for without the Word faith will not come.

A few years ago we were renovating our house. There was a lot of work that needed to be done. For some of those work we hired people to do it for us but to safe money we did a lot of the work ourselves. One particular morning we were painting some of the walls inside the house. We just recently got a new ladder and I did not understand properly how to set it up. My then much younger son tried to help with that and when it seemed to be sturdy I climbed on to it to paint the wall near the roof. Suddenly the ladder collapsed underneath me and I landed with a hard knock on the ground. I tumbled forward and my legs hit the hard ladder as I came down. Pain rushed through my legs, it was incredibly intense everywhere I made contact with the hard ladder. To make thing worse my daughter also landed on me in the process. Luckily she wasn’t hurt too bad. I could barely talk , I was in so much pain. I deliberately did not say anything negative and tried to stay calm. My son helped me to get up from the floor. The moment I was up from the floor I started to speak to my body. I prayed over myself, declaring I am healed in Jesus Name. I immediately started to feel the pain and shock go away. All that was left of that terrible accident was a few minor bruises which healed quickly.