How to overcome fear in your life

Updated: Nov 2

Are you living in fear? Does your future seem uncertain and you don't see any hope?

Many people face a lot of serious problems at the moment and don't know where to turn for help. I use to have so much fear in my life, in so many areas that I was not even aware of all of it mostly. I became use to fear, thinking that it was normal to feel afraid all the time..

I was surprised when I heard for the first time that I can actually control and even totally overcome fear! It was such good news! Back then my only question was : HOW ?? Where do I start? Fear was such a big part of my life in so many areas and it felt so overwhelming real that when I heard for the first time that I actually have a choice if I want to fear or not it was mind blowing to me!

We are not born or designed to live in fear. We are taught to fear from birth in many subtle and even deliberate ways. Our parents would react to a spider in a fearful way and we learn from them that spiders are something to fear. There are many little things like this in our environment that taught us to fear.

This verse from Timothy means so much to me personally: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind- 2 Timothy 1:7. It was one of the very first verses God used in my life to start change my thinking . It became one of my foundational verses that I meditate a lot on. God also taught me the importance of not just reading the Word but that I also have to speak the Word out loud. I have to say what I want to see happening , not what I see with my eyes or feel in my body.

I had a lot of fear in my life but through God's Word and grace I became a new person. Through His Word I have really found my true identity in Christ. When I hear these words, joy rises in my spirit! I learned what it means to sow the Word of God in my heart. It changed my thinking and that changed the choices I make on a daily basis. It also changed the way I spoke.