How to deal with fear God's way

Updated: Nov 1

There is a lot of articles and books written on fear. Their are numerous ideas and advice and insight on how to cope with fear and how to handle it, but there is one definite way you can overcome fear in every area of your life and not just cope with fear and learning to live with it and that is doing it with the help of the One that created you and understands you better than you understand yourself.

Every person on this planet face fear and have to deal with it, HOW you deal with it will determine the direction of your future whether you like it or not. What I fear may be nothing to the next person and the other way around. But whatever you are facing today, there is hope! I would like to share a few things about fear with you that I trust will help you if you follow it carefully.

This may sound very simple but if you sit and think about it and do this it can change the course of your life drastically:

If you choose to respond in fear, anger or bitterness, you can be guaranteed the outcome is going to be even worse. But if you choose to react in faith, choose to trust God and choose to respond with WORDS OF FAITH you will surely come out victorious in even the worse situation. Choosing to react in faith says you trust God to help you even if you cannot see how He is going to do it. Faith invites God into the situation. And God has unlimited resources that is beyond us.

It is very important especially in a crisis or when you are in fear, to get your focus on God and not the problem. When you focus on the problem, you are magnifying that problem and it will increase like a snowball. But if you focus on God, you are magnifying the One who is able to help you through anything! After all, He has made the world, can He not also handle one tiny person on the planet's problem? For sure HE can!

One thing the devil always does is he starts to lure our focus away from God and His Word and onto ourselves or onto a problem. He creates awareness about ourselves