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Hello December!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

December is my favourite month of the year, it is Christmas season and I ponder a lot on the four Gospels; Jesus our Lord ; His birth and His crucifixion. It always brings new revelation of who I am in Christ. It also is the best way to end the year and start the new year. It always leads to fresh hope and vision for the future.

Starting in Matthew 1 in the genealogy of Jesus I can already see God's grace in action right in the first verse starting with David and Abraham. God made both of them a big promise and Jesus was the fulfillment of both that promises. God always keeps His promises! He always fulfill His Word. Read about these promises here: Psalm 89: 36; 2 Samuel 7:13; Romans 4: 13; Genesis 12:3.

Further down the line there is four women mentioned in this genealogy, which is rare or almost unheard of. Women were almost never mentioned in those days. But right from the start, Jesus genealogy brings women into consideration. These four women: Tamar, Ruth, Rahab and Bathsheba, they were all brought into Jesus history by faith through grace. They were all in a desparate situation and they believed in what was to them, an unknown God and He saved each one of them. By God's amazing grace they were not only saved, they became part of the biggest event in history- the birth of our Lord and Savior. Through their stories comes a consistant message of God's grace to all of us. None of these women were Jews, but God is telling us even through this genealogy that His grace is for all people who will believe. You can read about each one of them here: Tamar- Genesi