Do you know how precious you are?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

1 Corinthians 6:20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

Our Afrikaans Bible (1953) also uses the word duur- expensive to say that you are bought at a great price. But I think this mostly goes over most of our heads. We have no idea what this is actually saying. If we do understand the significance of this words, it would change our lives forever!

Since my children were born we have read the Bible together every morning for over an hour or more. We usually end up loving it so much that we mostly get lost in time! The more we learn the more we WANT to learn! While reading the Bible with them the other day, God spoke to me through this verse, especially the part that says: you are bought with a price.

He asked me: Do you really KNOW just how valuable and precious you really are?

There is NOBODY in the entire universe that is rich enough to pay a high enough price to buy you from God's hand. That's right! It is not even possible for anybody else because there is nobody rich enough to do it.

It is because THE HIGHEST PRICE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE is paid to free you from hell and sin.

Let's look at it from a different perspective: God is the most important and highest being and person (by lack of better words) and the most valuable One in the entire universe. There is nobody higher or more valuable than God ! There is nobody that can nearly compare with Him in any way imaginable! He is the source of everything! Now think about it like this: God Himself - the highest being that exist, had become a human - Jesus - and paid the price for you and my sin with His own life to free us from the dept that we should have paid. Therefore : THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE WAS PAID THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PAID! Jesus paid it with His own life.

Would you now agree that the highest price in all the universe was paid to free you? Therefore if anybody would wanted to or could have bought you , a HIGHER price should be paid. And there exist not one being or person rich enough or worthy enough to exceed the current price! THIS IS HOW VALUABLE YOU ARE! You are priceless! You are irreplaceable in value because of the value of the Price paid for you.

So when we feel low or not good enough to do something or not good enough to be called God's child, we are actually saying the price that is paid for our freedom from sin and death were not good enough- that is Jesus! It is not about what you or I can do or about our performance, it's all about Jesus - THE PRICE that is paid for us! The value of THE PRICE paid is determining your value , not you or anything you can do.

So next time you feel low or unworthy, keep your eyes on THE PRICE paid to free you!

Still , you are the variable in all this. Let me explain: It is only you that can determine if you accept the price that is paid for you or reject it. If you accept it , you are born into the Kingdom of God and becomes a heir and family member clothed with the righteousness of Jesus. If you reject the price that is paid, you stay in bondage by your own choice, still under condemnation and bound by your own sin.

It is simple, just pray with me: Jesus , I am a sinner and I am lost without You! I surrender my life to you. Thank you that you paid such a high price to free me and that the price You've paid freed me from all dept of sin ! Thank you that by believing in You as Jesus the Son of God who came to free me and cloth me in the righteousness of God I am now redeemed by your blood! Amen!

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