Art with a vision

Updated: Nov 1

Art is such a popular subject in today's time. So many people are interested in art and willing to try new crafts. It became trendy. I grew up in a creative house. My mom was an excellent artist and I used to watch her at work and marvel at her results. It never occurred to me that it was a rare talent she had. I literally thought that everybody were creative like my family. My dad was just as creative but with other materials like steel and wood. He was rewarded many times for his excellent work and character.

When we took long drives through the mountains I always watched the long stretches of grass along the road and I imagined myself bringing packets of flower seed and sowing it everywhere I would get a change to do so. Then I would imagine us driving there again months later and I saw many flowers growing there when we would return. I would imagine other people also driving past my "field gardens" and smile at the beautiful sight. And it gave me such a good feeling, just the thought that I could do something that will make others smile.

That desire to bring joy stayed with me through my life. It caused my mother to give me a nickname: Sonnie which means sunny, like the sun shinning on a gloomy situation. I always tried to make my mom smile. I also knew I wanted to be an artist since I can remember.

But I did not just want to make paintings. I wanted to make things with a purpose, art with a message. But I was kind of clueless where to start.

Recently I came across Theresa Dedmon's website and signed up for a few months of her courses. I was so inspired by all the testimonies I've heard from her and her students. Her courses meant a lot to me, giving me the direction I was looking for, for a long time. Because of that I have a much better idea of what I believe I should do with my art.

I am still on a journey through my relationship with God to develop into what He has planned for my live. My desire is to make very special greeting cards and material for children that will minister God's goodness to people who desperately need to learn about it.

My mission is to use my hands, talent and resources for God's glory, to make beautiful and meaningful art that is inspired by Him that will sow seed of His love, joy and peace into the life's of those who buy it or receive it.

Every art piece, big or small that I make is created with love and in faith that it will make a difference. I love making greeting cards and pray about what God wants me to say in each card so that it will minister hope and faith to every reader. My vision is to be a sweet fragrance in others life through my art and blog, a Sweet fragrance of God's Word and heart for His children.