A Suitcase, a few birds and two lost pens

Updated: Nov 2

A suitcase, a few birds and two lost pens? What do all these things have in common with each other, you might ask. They are memories of how God answered prayer in my life when I was a child- my first experiences with God.

They are just ordinary things and their stories might not even be that interesting to you, but they remind me that God even hears a child's prayer, that each one of us is important to Him and that prayer is not as technical or difficult as some people make it out to be. If you love God and the more you know His Word the more prayer becomes natural to you.

In the middle 80's there was a trend for girly suitcases where I lived. You could choose between pink and white striped ones or blue and white suitcases. They looked like the old cardboard suitcases but they were beautiful! I was privileged to have a big one and a smaller one. They were so beautiful!

In school there were a group of really naughty children that sabotaged the other children's bags of suitcases. They would stole their food or throw bugs in there or steal other children's belongings. I quickly learned to pray for my suitcase each time we had to leave our bags in a hallway.

Until my very last day of school, I never once had a problem with my stuff being stolen or anything else. And there were times when my suitcase was one of the very last standing there in the hallway. I will never forget this as long as I live. It might be something small and insignificant but it is a lesson in the basics of faith.

We had a few really strict teachers that was hard to work with. They easily punished us for getting out of line. On two occasions I lost my pen in one of their classes which could have gotten me in trouble. In both instances I just prayed to God to help me. Both times I clearly heard God's voice in my heart - saying to look in a specific direction and when I did there was a pen. It was some of my very first experiences getting to know God's voice in my spirit. This was very needed preparation for later experiences in my life.