A Journey of faith (part 2)

Updated: Mar 19

This is our testimony of how God provided for a house when we really needed one! We were living in a little wooden 'housie' , because that was all that was available at the time. We did our best to stay thankful and made the best of it but it was extremely small. It also were expensive and cost what a normal house would cost in that area. We also reached a point where we couldn't afford it anymore.

The 'housie' didn't keep temperature well which made it extremely cold during the winter and unbearably hot on warm days. To make matters worse, there was no living space at all. You could only sit on your chair or be on your bed, that was it.

Then there was the owner's animals that he left there. A sheep, 3 pigeons and a chicken. And they made sure we KNEW they were the owners of the property. In the beginning we thought it was funny but it soon became quite unbearable to live in the mess they made or in the always closed door of the already cramped space. The chicken wanted to sit on the chair in the little living room and the pigeons wanted food every 3 seconds. The sheep was so demanding I can write a book about her only. She was really adorable but always hungry. The owner didn't provide enough or the right food for any of them and we had to constantly deal with that.

This sheep loved bread. When we came back from the shop she came to the car looking for it!

We had this green pet house outside and she got stuck in it looking for food. She ate all the grass and every plant that grew in that yard. She was a very special and dear but annoying bugger. It wasn't possible to stay mad at her for very long. She loved my youngest son! When he played outside, she hopped all around him, playing along. Then one day someone dragged her away at night and killed her for her meat. They apparently do that to get money for drugs. That was a horrible experience.

At the end of 8 months we desperately needed a bigger house but this would take a great miracle because we could not afford it at all. We had a lot to learn about provision God's way. We prayed and trusted God to do a miracle and provide a house even if we did not had a clue how we would pay for it.

In my heart I had a 'knowing' that we were not supposed to live in this wooden house in the first place. Somehow I just knew it was not God's best for us and that we somehow missed God's leading in this. I just knew our house for this season was out there somewhere. Then one day Mathys came home from college and told us that someone had a possible house for us. It was one of his fellow students. They later told us that when they bought that house they told each other that they will not live in it, they did not like it for themselves. So they kept on renting a much smaller place while this house were left standing empty and unattended for 7- 8 months. I was totally amazed! That confirmed what I had already knew in my heart- we were supposed to live in this house all along!

This is a digital drawing I've made of how I thought the house could be after it was painted and redone. It was a very big old house.

I will never forget this dear people. What they did for us was incredible. We truly experienced God's unconditional love through them in a big way. They were so good to us in so many ways and we so needed it ! They and a few others taught us how to be a blessing and how to love people God's way. They became our inspiration to walk in that same love to others around us. Our lives were changed forever.

In this time Mathys started his third year of college. Right at the beginning of the year God provided again and his third year was paid in full! Two days before it happened God told me that He will provide for Mathys. We were ready to pay but God said to wait. Mathys was believing that God will provide it for him and he needed to experience God's hand on his life.

God started to teach us about sowing and giving before we moved to Heidelberg. We then got excited about every chance we were given to give. We literally experienced what this verse is saying: 2 Corinthians 9:10 Now he that ministers seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness. We got excited every time we got seed in our hands to sow! It started out with a small amount and it grew over time. While living in Heidelberg we experience a dry season. It was because of a lack of wisdom and knowledge but even while we had only a little, we faithfully gave of everything we had and we kept our needs between us and God. And He always provided. We always had food and a roof over our heads. We became cheerful givers that think of sowing and giving as a way to glorify God as our provider.

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