A Journey of Faith (Part 1)

Updated: Jan 7

In 2018 we left our old home behind in Lydenburg to move to Heidelberg Western Cape. Our oldest son was just finished with his first year of Bible college (correspondence) at Charis Bible College and he was going to do his second year in Heidelberg.

We prayed about this for a long time and felt that God wanted us to move to Heidelberg as a family. Initially we had it in mind to go to college ourselves but in the end we decided to keep studying Andrew's teachings at home like we were already doing. This worked better for us as a homeschool family who still had children doing school.

In this season of our lives, we experienced many miracles as well as extreme difficulties. This was a huge step of faith for us and we've made a lot of mistakes! But like Miles Monroe said: I do not wish to get rid of my mistakes, because if I did not make them I would not have learned the valuable lessons I did. And each of those lessons learned made us wiser and more equipped for the future.

Prior to going to Heidelberg I had spent most of my time in the Word. My husband had to work everyday until we left so he could not do this to the degree I did. Me and the children also did this every morning for more than an hour. I say this because I strongly believe that this created in us a strong foundation that carried us through the difficult times which were to follow.

Heidelberg was even smaller than we thought it would be! There is still a donkey car or two driving around and people keep farm animals in their gardens, like sheep and pigs. It is also common to see people strolling by on horses. The story goes that a local traffic officer once gave a fine to a driver on a donkey car for things like being loaded too heavy or dung in the street. Heidelberg is a beautiful little town, that is very peaceful and quiet. If rest is what you want, you will find it in Heidelberg.

For us Heidelberg was the place where we experienced many miracles but also difficulties. I will share more of our testimonies in a future post because there is too much to tell . Because the town is so small, and many people go there to do Bible college, there is not much accommodation available for renting. We had a hard time finding a house and at last had to stay in a wooden house as big as a dolls house for 8 months and store our furniture in a nearby garage because the 'housie' was already furnished, even the cupboards had the owners‘ own stuff in. I think this was probably one of the mistakes we‘ve made. I will tell the rest of this story in another post.

Living in such a small and cramped up space for 8 months was very difficult. It was extremely cold at night and the owner's sheep, chickens and pigeons also lived there, and caused a lot of extra stress and mess in an already difficult situation. The only space each of us had was our bed and the chair we sat in. At night we had to boil water to take a bath because the little gas geyser didn’t work. I am so proud of my four children! They all went through this whole experience without ever complaining or getting negative. We all grew much closer together and worked together as a team to get through it. We encouraged ourselves in the Word daily.

One night someone broke into the little 'housie 'and stole both me and my husband's laptops and a few other things. I can still not understand how he did it without us hearing him, because the door was literally 3-4 meters from where we were sleeping. I woke up because I heard Johan shouting at the thief who was apparently running up the hill. He was gone before we could catch him.

I started to panic for a moment because all my work was on that computer and it was precious to me because it was my dad's who passed away. That was when God reminded me of the message He laid on my heart for the previous two weeks before that happened. It is not what happens that determines the outcome of a situation, it is how you respond to what happens.

I immediately started proclaiming what I wanted to see happening. I stood on God promises loudly confessing : My God shall supply in all my needs according to His riches... Phil. 4:19 We had to forgive that person and it took God's strength and mercy and time. Because we chose to focus on God and give the situation over in His hands He worked on our behalf and it all worked out for our good. Had we not forgave that person, we would still have had that whole situation in our hands and we would have stood in God’s way to come through in that situation. Forgiveness plays a very important role to enable God’s provision flowing into our situation.

We repeatedly proclaimed God’s Word over our situation. A peace filled our hearts that surpassed all understanding.

We were very blessed to be in such a great community as the Bible college community. From the Director of the college herself, her staff and even some of the students, all of them poured their love on us and helped us with more than we could ask for. God did indeed supply in all our needs. We will always cherish these dear people and everything that we learned, just from knowing them. We as a family are extremely introverted, but even so they did not overlook, or forget us. They were simply pouring God’s love on us!

It was a process to believe and stand on God’s promises until we eventually saw the outcome of what we were believing for. But God sure did come through! Both our computers were replaced by new ones! And I now have a much better computer than the very old one I had before! We even got new equipment that we really needed! For this to come to pass we had to get our emotions under control, and choose to speak God's promises, and not focus on what circumstances looked like, trusting that God will come through. And He did. We also had to forgive the wrong that was done to us. What we learned in Heidelberg, we are now implementing in our lives and in the way we live. God taught us how to be a blessing and a sweet fragrance wherever we go. God is good!

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