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4 Ways to help your children develop a close relationship with God

As a mom it is very important to me to teach my children about God. I want my children to love God and His Word for themselves. To me this is success: that a person walks in God's unique plan for their lives; love the work that they do and lead a purposeful life with eternal meaning. There are things that we can do to help our children form a close relationship with God and not just live and be raised in a Christian home.

THE FIRST WAY TO HELP OUR CHILDREN DEVELOP INTO A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN. Children learn from their parents first what life is all about. They observe what their parents think about life and about what is important. Most of these opinions that children form about life is based on how their parents react in situations; their parents attitudes toward situations, rather than what their parents say. Children are much more intelligent than we make them out to be. They will even pretend to not "know" what you do wrong sometimes if they think it is necessary. So be honest about your own walk with God and about your own mistakes. Our own breakthrough and victory in any situation starts by humbling ourselves and by being honest. If we are not willing to be honest we are in pride and not even God can help us out of it- He needs our cooperation. To