We are working on new greeting cards and other delightful things!

 Nikita and me are currently working on new greeting cards and other delightful little stationary gifts. With Christmas not too far in the future we are also busy making lovely Christmas cards and other related things.

This is Nikita’s new bookmarks that will soon go to our stand in The Town  House.

I have been working on this little watercolour cards for which I still need to make envelopes. They are painted on watercolour paper. I painted them while we were staying in the lovely Glentana for a month in a beautiful flat. With the beautiful sea-view in front of me it was easy to be inspired! 

Flowers are a big favourite of mine, I always end up painting flowers. Especially pink flowers. 

I wanted to make bookmarks that are playful and this houses looked like a good idea. Some gifts don’t have to be big or expensive to make someone’s day. A gift this size will fit right into someone’s favourite storybook…

Here I was working on a new type of watercolour paper that is silky soft to the touch. I love the feel of the paper and it was nice to work on but quite a different experience than what I usually get with other watercolour paper types. The colours came out softer too.

And then finally I made a few Christmas bookmarks. I thought they might even make a nice Christmas tree decoration.
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