Bible journaling

 One of my most favourite things to do is to spend time with Jesus. This is how I like to start my day early in the morning. A conversation starts which will be ongoing throughout the day between me and Jesus. Later after breakfast I sit with my children and the conversation draws them in as well. Me and my husband can go on like this for hours. We just love to talk with Jesus! And my favourite part is how He is always part of every conversation. 

We all love to be creative, especially me and my daughter. Because I love the Word so much I started looking for more ways to use my creativity to make things born out of what inspires me and that is why I started making Bible journaling pages. 

Bible journaling on joy

Jesus Bible journaling page

All my Bible journaling pages are born out of my own time in the Word. I draw from what I learn from Jesus and share it with others in a creative way. Sometimes there goes a bit of research into the history and culture of the Bible and it gets really interesting. I am always excited about every new thing I learn through revelation.
Study the word with visuals

If you like to do Bible journaling, you can visit my Etsy shop  to see more of my Bible journaling pages.
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