Greeting cards and all things stationary

 Since I can remember, I always liked stationary products. Things like notebooks, beautiful writing paper and interesting pens, pencils and stickers… I will end up making one long list that will never stop because it is just nice to look at different stationary products and even better to use them! 

I love all things creative. I regularly create new paintings but my favourite thing to do is illustrations. For a long time I was looking and searching for ways to make a difference with my illustrations. I like my work to have meaning and a purpose. It may look small and even insignificant but I found that purpose in greeting cards. 

Although it may be viewed by some as an old fashioned thing that is no longer in use, I found out that many people still buy greeting cards and love it when they receive one, whether it is with a gift or on its own. It is a beautiful way of saying how you feel and one of the best ways to say thank you! 

This also became something special I share with my daughter. We both love stationary and art and so our little craft business was born. 

We spend a lot of time daily to create greeting cards and other stationary related products and we are selling it at our local tourism shop, the The Town’s House

If you ever visit Mossel Bay  visit the lovely Town’s House shop. It is such an elegant and beautiful shop with a great variety of lovely locally made gifts for every occasion.