Creativity and my relationship with God

 I am a firm believer that God gave each one of us talents and the ability to be creative thinkers because He wants that to be one of the ways in which He wants to reach others through us. But it should never start with our talent, or creativity or with a focus on self. The starting point should always be my relationship with Jesus. Everything in my life should flow out of the overflow of my relationship with Jesus. Otherwise I will end up doing what I do in my own strength and it will never be as great as it could have been if I made Jesus my partner and confidant.

If you think about it, all art forms are influenced by something or someone. It could be a time period or the artists viewpoints or life experiences as well as religion or moral viewpoints. Art always speaks for some cause or purpose. Art is never just art for the sake of art. It is as though just Christians have issues in this area. Is it because many Christians are only in a religion and not a relationship with God and His Word? 

Don’t start with art or creativity, or the need to make money or a living. Start with your relationship with Jesus. If you do this He will give you the wisdom to use your talents wisely and for a higher purpose than just a mere income. God is able, if you allow Him,  to take your talents far higher than you could on your own. Our talent were meant to be used in partnership and in relationship with Jesus. Only God can help you fulfil His wonderful plan for your life.

The better I know Jesus the better I understand this, but I struggled a lot with this in the beginning of my art journey. I longed to to make a difference through my art but I did not know how to or where to begin. I struggled to connect my creative proces with my identity as a Christian. It was then that God started teaching me softly to focus more on Him than on art or an income. I am still in the process of this and I will always be. This is how I want to live my life- I want every detail of my life, my career, my passions, my role as a mother and wife to develop through my relationship with Jesus-the Word.